Engineering Without Boundaries

Finite Consulting Group (FCG) is a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting group, with an established international network of certified engineers.

Our Goal

As COVID continues to bring uncertainty to traditional place-based engineering jobs, our goal is to continue supporting our clients from all around the globe.

We help our clients to grow, and to reduce their overhead costs. FCG offers the optimal payroll values, while our engineers enjoy several benefits (e.g. tax-free salaries, health care, retirement benefits, flexible working benefits, etc..).

Our certified engineers are professionally trained to work remotely, and COVID has further strengthened our talents to deliver beyond the client’s expectations.

Our Services

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Project Services

– Land development projects.

– Structural design. 

– Quantity estimation, costing, and tender documents.


FCG ensures accuracy, high-quality work, and following all local and international code standards required by our clients.

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Hire Your Own Engineer

(Fulltime home-based engineers)

Our certified engineers (e.g ABET-accredited) are trained to work remotely to deliver beyond each client’s expectations.

Available professionals: 

– Structural (steel) engineers.

– Civil engineers.

– MEP engineers